Nanoscience with Nanocrystals 8


  • Isabel Pastoriza Santos
    Isabel Pastoriza Santos
    Palladium: The new plasmonic material
  • Group photo
    Group photo
  • Sarah De Marchi
    Sarah De Marchi
    SERS-plasmonic biosensors based on Au@Ag@ZIF-8 nanocrystals for multiplex detection
  • Gustavo Bodelón
    Gustavo Bodelón
    Imaging bacterial inter-species chemical interactions by SERS
  • Verónica Montes García
    Verónica Montes García
    Au@Ag SERRS Tags coupled to a lateral flow immunoassay for the sensitive detection of pneumolysin
  • Sergio Rodal Cedeira
    Sergio Rodal Cedeira
    Shape-controlled synthesis of plasmonic nanorattles via galvanic replacement-seeded growth method
  • Jorge Pérez Juste
    Jorge Pérez Juste
    Designing SERRS-Tags for biosensing and bioimaging
  • Daniel García Lojo
    Daniel García Lojo
    Design of 3D nanocrystals assemblies induced by microfluidics for applications in SERS detection


Our group participating at Nanax 8 International Conference in Braga, 3-7 July 2017