The research activity of the Colloid Chemistry Group is focused in the design and fabrication of novel nanostructured materials for a broad range of applications, including environmental sensing, biosensing, nanomedicine, theranostics, controlled release, catalysis.
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Recent Publications

Seeded Growth Synthesis of Gold Nanotriangles: Size Control, SAXS Analysis, and SERS Performance

C. Kuttner, M. Mayer, M. Dulle, A. I. Moscoso, J. M. López-Romero, S. Förster, A. Fery, J. Perez-Juste, and R. Contreras-Caceres
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2017, Just Accepted Manuscript

Osteogenic effects of simvastatin-loaded mesoporous titania thin films

M. Lopez-Alvarez, V. López-Puente, C. Rodriguez-Valencia, P. Angelomé, L.M. Liz-Marzan, J. Serra, I. Pastoriza-Santos, P. Gonzalez
Biomed. Mater., 2017, in press

Shape control in ZIF-8 nanocrystals and metal nanoparticles@ZIF-8 heterostructures

G. Zheng, Z. Chen, K. Sentosun, I.Pérez-Juste, S. Bals, L. M. Liz-Marzán, I. Pastoriza-Santos, J. Pérez-Juste, M. Hong
Nanoscale, 2017, 9, 16645-16651